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Taking the Scenic Route

Talking to my friend last night about my travels this week. As many of you have seen, I traveled to Austin, TX for a huge give day Tech/Web conference AfroTech, from there I am hitting New Orleans for two days, then back to the CLT for two days, then Up to Maryland for a week, and back to the CLT to my new spot. She called me the “Little Traveler” and in a quick reflection I responded, “I like to take the scenic route.” Right after that downloaded thought; the parallels between how I Like to travel and how I lived my life flashed before me.

Anytime I travel I love to drive. I like being able to stop at different sites, take roads I’ve never taken, and see people I love dearly, so, with that, I tend to take the scenic route. Rolling over into thought around my life, and the life of many others. Life for me wasn’t the smoothest sailing. My upbringing didn’t give me the course for many that are college, job, and family. I worked two jobs for most of my life. Almost died at 15, left college twice, was homeless at 18, was a young parent in my 20’s, and so much more. As you can see I took the scenic route. I think for some of us the scenic route is the route we need to take. The life experience I’ve gained from all the crazy life lessons has allowed me to walk in many other people’s shoes.

The gentle reminder that really came through was that! There is no straight and narrow path to success, to reach the goals and dreams you have for yourself and life. Many went to college and got a job in Web development and Marketing, whereas I built my company on being naturally gifted in computers and business. As a kid, I built computers, in college I did some coding, and programming for the Aerospace degree I didn’t get to finish, but yet here I am making great money just from being motivated to hit my goals, support my son, and create a life that others can believe in and be proud of without going the “traditional“ route. Don’t get me wrong I have certifications in a lot of areas only to gain in my late 20s, and I am grateful for all my education. I only share my story because I have been talked down to because of not having a degree, and in statistics, I shouldn’t be where I am, but I am a testament to Impossibles being possible, that believing in yourself takes you far, that working hard, and staying educated in some way for what you want is all you need to be successful.

A little side note as I am writing this out and remembering my love for writing. In college I wrote for NASA on launches and probes and was considered an influencer for them over 10 years ago, I went on to write erotic stories for, and then even started a poetry book called “Moment’s in love with Lo” (Long-standing project to come out over the next few years). The fondness I have around my life is a life well lived and I pray you to have flashbacks and feel a love for the life lived and the path that is ahead. Blessing you all today! Namaste

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