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The Bloom of the New Year


So very excited to start this year off with a new blog! I'm Lauren your mind, body, spirit, and business buddy! Each new month I will offer insight, personal developments, and events that help you as a whole being. Take what resonates with you and allow it to aid in your bloom!

Let's kick-off with the Mind!

I tend to say that we have three New years. January 1 which to me is a man made new year, and with all these years of observation it is centered around our minds. We set goals, and intentions which is just mindfulness around our dreams. This is our new beginning to cultivate new mental habit's to which we hope to fulfill through the year. Today if you haven't already sit and think on 3-5 things you'd like to bring positive awareness too, and take a moment to envision yourself achieving those goals. Some thing else to consider is my perspective on the two other new years. Our birthday's are our official new year, and I tend to connect it with spirit as your soul has officially made it earth side. Create an intention to celebrate your soul this year! What adventure can you go on that would be soul satisfying for you, and maybe some loved ones. Last, we have the Spring Equinox. That is officially Earths new year; were the season of death, and hibernation have been lifted and life is starting to form and bloom. I connect this to our bodies. Many animals lay in rest during the cold season, and come out and get active during spring and summer and it always resonated with me that it's a time to love and connect with our bodies more. Take a moment to add in an intention to love your body a little more this year.

I find it so beautiful that the holy trinity of mind, body, and spirit are constantly reflected to me through this world. I know that January is a hard month for some. The cold season can be depressing, and as someone who use to deal with depression; I found that satisfying the mind, body, and spirit was my saving grace. I offer that suggestion as support for anyone struggling with depression.


Moving onto Spirit

I will be pulling oracle cards each month with a focus on just having God tell us what we should do. This month I am using the Threads of Fate Shadow Edition, and Shine from the inside deck. Below are the two cards I pulled for us!

**Shine from the inside**

**Threads of Fate**

**Board by Holly Heirs

With these Cards you can see the this is a time to go inward. A time to let go of our fears. For me what pops out is take time away to see what you are still holding onto, and be ready to release so you can take on some good new risk that come along with letting go of fear, and doubt. As I said earlier this is the time of the mind, of introspection. Don't be scared to go deep to release. Last, I want to point out that there is a card that suggest "Preform a random act of kindness." I love that this deck offers suggestions like this. For my soul I know that to be of service is the greatest gift. With us still not out of the energies from 2020 do something nice for someone. We are all going through a tough phase right now.


The body!

Every New Year many set the intention to get in shape! For some that sticks, and for others that falls off, but like the cards listed above I want to encourage you to be easy on your body for this first month. Remember to start small, and gradually add to your routine. This is a time of hibernation, or relaxation. I'm not going to go crazy here because in a few day's I am going to post a break down of sun salutation A as a body practice you can start to add to your day! #Namaste


The Business!

Set some goals for your business. Remember that businesses take years to grow. My only encouragement right now is to prepare. Tax season is right around the corner. Do you have your LLC? Do you have your Tax ID Number? Do you have your business license? If all those ducks are in a row move to business cards, marketing material, website. Should you be past that it's time to work on Marketing yourself and your business. What ideas do you have to get your business out there? Feel like you need some support with anything listed about, please reach out.

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